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Aug. 11th, 2017 05:07 pm
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NAME: Delphine Cormier
AGE: 31
RACE: human
OCCUPATION: (former) director at the Dyad Institute, and head of immunology.
HEIGHT: 5'6"
BUILD: slim
HAIR: blonde
EYES: brown
SKIN: white
BEARING: formal, reserved
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: great hair? non-visible wise, she has a bullet scar over her liver

New here, she's still mostly figuring things out.


She quiet, reserved, and polite when approached. Otherwise, she's keeping her distance from most people unless she suspects she could gain some useful information from them. You can mostly find her in the library, trying to read up as much as she can, or wondering about aimlessly and taking in the scenery and trying to ignore her nicotine cravings.

  • She's got quite a lot of experience in medicine, and she won't mind wrapping up your wounds or offering medical insight.
  • Need to scheme something but can't seem to come up with a good enough plan? She's quick on her feet.
  • Want to have overly existential conversations? Or maybe a scientific debate?
  • Have any cigarettes on you? She'd appreciate it.
  • Have any information about the place you could share?
  • Anything else you have in mine is fine~ Go ahead.


-Progressive thinking
-A sense of duty
- Selfishness
- Deception
- Extremists
- Pride


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You know the drill. If you've got any concerns or complaints go ahead and put them here or send them via PM, either is good with me. All comments are screened. 



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"Bonjour, what do you need?"


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Name: Diana
Age: 18
Contact: [personal profile] frayedchains / DM personal journal or RP journal
Other Characters: N/A
Interests: I like relationship building, I don't really enjoy planning things out too much but there are somethings I'd like to do. I'd like to explore how the different environment and new relationships would have an impact or alter per position on the sliding scale of morality. I want to see where her beliefs would lead her. As she has a knack for doing ethically questionable things for reasons she deems acceptable. I believe the unique setting would offer her much for her to explore and peak her curiosity. 


Name: Delphine Cormier
Canon/OC: Orphan Black
Canon Point: after season 3 post shooting
Journal: [personal profile] petitchiot 
Age: 31

Canon World

Orphan Black is set mostly in the modern world, albeit science and technology wise far more advanced then us. Most prominent of these advances would be human cloning which has started since the mid 1980s. Mostly overseen and controlled by multinational corporations and/or the military, although the canon is very unclear about many things it can be summed up like this;

Dyad institute: it's an institution devoted to research and technology, most importantly being their research in human cloning. They oversee and monitor the Leda clones, with frequent check ups and attempts at finding a cure for their illness caused by their barren design. While it is considered fringe by the scientific community it does attract a lot of fanatics or so called "freaky leekies" named after Dyad's former director, Aldous Leekie. 

Topside: Shadow corporation behind Dyad, and are interested in both project Leda and Castor. They often partner with Dyad to eliminate problems or self-aware clones by operation "Helsinki" which stands for killing off the clones. They also wish to restart the cloning trials.

Neolution: Although not all members of the Dyad institute are part of neolution, many of them are, and are pulling the strings for both Leda and Castor, through Dyad, topside and the military. It isn't clear just how much control they have, but it's enough to pull strings in both projects seamlessly.

Proletheans: They are the exact opposite of Neolution and everything they stand for, religiously so, even going as far as taking in one of the Leda clones and training her to be a professional assassin since she was a child to kill off the other clones. 

Project Castor: The male clones were carried by project Castor, which was under military influence and later on were going to be used as biological warfare. It's conducted and overseen by Dr. Virginia Coady. The clones were raised self aware and grew up together as "brothers".

Project Leda: A series of illegal human cloning experiments, a scientific study from around 1980s. Their focus were the female clones, created by the lead scientists Ethan Duncun and Susan Duncun, along with others which remain unknown. They approached woman as if in need of a surrogate or women who underwent in-vitro fertilization.


Here's a link, although it only covers up until the end of the first season. )

She was born in Lille, France. Not much is revealed about her past other than her attending a boarding school and mentions of a roommate that attempted suicide, although it could be that the story was about herself. She became the head of  immunology at the Dyad institute, specializing in host-perasite relationships. At some point she develop an intimate relationship with Aldous Leekie, although it wasn't completely clear what kind of nature this relationship was.
She had enough knowledge of the inner workings of Dyad to know about the clones.  She was then given the task to monitor and try to retrieve whatever she knew about the experiment, which Aldous more or less manipulated her into doing by lying to her about the clones safety. First posing as grad student to gain her trust, but then honestly falling for the "subject", which wasn't intended.  But she knew which information to hide (Sarah's daughter, Kira), as she started to notice that Leekie wasn't what he seemed to be.
 It didn't take long for Cosima to discover it was a lie and leave, although Delphine insisted on regaining her trust. That was when she decided to be on their side, and continued to use her position at the institute for their benefit. Eventually persuading Cosima to become a member at Dyad to make use of the equipment and have leverage against them. Upon knowing of Cosima's sickness she started to do rather ethically questionable things, such as taking her blood samples to Dyad for testing with Cosima's disapproval, giving her Kira's stem cells without her consent, all because she knows they're the only ones that could help.
She didn't have a problem bending the rules, if she thought it was benefit, such as helping Sarah infiltrate Dyad, or sneaking into Leekie's office to reclaim stem cells, and sharing confidential information with Cosima. Most of the time, though, she spent taking care of her subject, checkups, blood samples and other tests.
Upon Leekie's murder, Rachel assigned her as Director, only for her to discover it was to use her to get to Kira, then get promptly flown off to Frankfurt. Upon return she is reinstated as Dyad's director, due to Rachel's impaired state, promptly breaking up with Cosima in order to keep the position. Despite her feelings towards her.
As director she kept the Leda clones aware as much as she could, and asking them to aid her keep Rachel's state, and Sarah's escape a secret from topside. She didn't hold back, going as far as torturing Rachel to gain information, which then turns out to be they were planning Helsinki, which she shut down upon immediately. 
When Cosima began a new relationship with Shay, Delphine picked it up immediately, taking note of her coming in late and general shift in mannerisms. She then did a background check on the girl, as well as assigning a private investigator to track them down and get pictures. She says it isn't out of jealousy, but drinking alcohol while looking at said pictures would suggest otherwise. 
The clones kept secrets from her, often acting behind her back, such as not telling her about a book from Ethan Duncun that would have all the information they need. Another example of their distrust is when they break Rachel out to make her translate the book. When she realized that Shay might be the one that stole it, she didn't hold back and was very close to torturing her for information only to be stopped by discovering she wasn't the one.
Upon Rachel's disappearance she tried to bring information out of Dr. Nealon, which only ended with him attacking her and she shooting him, while she did discover that Neolution had more power than she knew, it ended with a warning of her death. She then proceed to bid her farewells to Cosima, apologizing to Shay and more or less leaving Cosima to her. She then made her way back to Dyad, only to be shot at the parking lot and saved. 
It's while she's in recovery that I'll be bringing her into the game.

At first glance, she's very serious, almost to the point of being cold. She's been through one too many disappointments and it shows in the way she walks, dresses, and speaks. It's all very reserved, in fear of showing even a hint of weakness. Although she wasn't always this way, but her line of work took it's toll on her, and thus she had to adapt, and the best way was to hold back her her emotions and even her love. 

She deals well with stress, save for the occasional drink or smoke, and rarely shows anger even when enraged, it might come off in small bouts of snide comments, at most. But when there's a threat against someone she holds dear, she doesn't hold back and would even resort to torture, be it mentally or physically, if need be. 

Once very trusting and easily persuadable, she's learned to never trust anyone completely, always holding back something to her advantage. Due to this it's easy for her to find out information, letting people do as they wish while secretly assessing the situation.  She isn't afraid of going to great lengths just to trust someone, gathering information about them, background checks, and even then there is still some doubt. 

She isn't completely pure, often acting in a very grey manner. She could easily charm her way into someone's heart, if need be. She isn't afraid of lying or distorting something into her advantage, although it isn't selfish, as she often does things that could easily ruin her career for the sake of the Leda clones. Even if  they agree with her methods or not, if she sees use to it she'll, more often then not, do it. She more or less embodies the phrase "the ends justify the means", doing things that would otherwise be considered villainous out of context. 

She still retains some of her original qualities though. At heart, under the calloused layer, she's a very playful person, enjoying rather childish things at times or just having fun with the people she loves. Even with the odds against her, she has a naive optimism that even in the hardest situation there must be a way out, a cure, or a good backup plan. It helps that she's very intelligent and can easily come up with a plan on the spot.  

She's open to new things, experiences, and people. Her mind being so focused on the sciences, she knows that things are adaptable to change, and doesn't hold back if they happen. When it comes to matters of the heart, though, they often bleed into her work, easily changing her purpose to support her loved ones. She would do practically anything for her loved ones, even if it meant risking her life or career.

With the ones she's let into her heart the walls she has built around herself usually falls, easily showing her emotions and vulnerability. Emotionally and physically, she lets go if she felt comfortable enough with the person.  Once she trusts you, you've got an ally for better or worse.

Strengths & Weaknesses

She's highly intelligent, being a very experienced scientist, it's a given. She can look at problems from different perspectives, and often come to a solution. She has vast knowledge in Biology, Medicine and most definitely Immunology. As well as her scientific capabilities, she's a good leader, knowing how to steer a situation to her and her allies benefit.

She isn't afraid of taking responsibility when needed, taking a rather difficult, and dangerous, position to help those close to her.  She stands by her word, even if it meant risking her own life to fulfill a promise. 

She can easily see through people's plans, reading a character rather quickly. If sometimes amiss she'll probably catch it in the bud. Although she might not be able to do anything at times due to her inexperience in fighting, and conflict. 

She's very fast on her feet, although not experienced in fighting, she can defend herself to an extent. But anything more then simply fending someone off or shooting them will probably end with her dead. Her physical capabilities are far less developed than her mental ones. She can plan a counter attack, a divergence, but is halted in close combat.

Her loyalty, to an extent, if a big weakness. Because once she puts her mind on doing something, she'll follow through even if it meant her own death. 

Arrival Inventory

Although some of these things might not be of any use, or finish faster than she'd want, I'd like for them to be with her.
  • Clothing; pantsuit. black heels, and a simple gold necklace.
  • Packet of (pretentious french) cigarettes.
  • Lighter
  • Pistol
  • Wallet and keys
  • iPhone.
  • Lab coat.
  • Latex gloves.
  • Surgical mask


She already is a normal human, no humanization needed.


At her core, she is a scientist, which may not be the best fit for the game unless given the right environment. Exploring and uncovering secrets in and of itself is drive enough for her to be sucked into this world,  understanding someone's motives and how to use them to her advantage is a definite strength. She'll probably get neck deep into the under workings of the game's plot, well, after she get's over the whole "this must be a dream" phase and actually starts learning how things function here. 


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